…for the taking…

17362044_270829743377568_5005277833129551846_nPhoto by Esther Puche

Her grey hair twisted in the light breeze.

Her golden eyes still shimmered yet the lines in her face were almost painful in their bite. She sighed as she walked through the starlit park. It had been so long. As it approached midnight she walked to the shore and watched the stars, it was funny, she remembered far more stars in the sky then glanced around at the city lights and realized that they stole the light from the stars, or at least made them less visible.

She watched diligently and smiled as a shooting star crossed in front of her, a sign of luck, but was it luck she had, or luck to come.

“Hi,” she heard a deep voice say behind her.

She turned, looked at the young man. He was in his late 20s, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with some non-descript heavy metal band plastered on the front of it.

“You got any money?” he said.

“No,” she said back to him quietly, eyes darting in several directions looking for any help that could be found.

“Yeah,” he said, “I bet you do.” he said powerfully. “I think you got some money.”

“Please,” she said, “please no.”

His eyes looked over her grey outfit and focused on the dangling silver choker, the grey gem hung beneath it swaying between her slightly wrinkled breasts. Her grey top looked old and tattered and the white flower in her hair seemed to be long dead, or silk. He was almost appalled at the woman before him but she still had a nice figure. He might get out of here with two wins.

Stepping forward, he grabbed her grey hair and pulled her to him. His breath was stale and sour as he looked down at the silver amulet, noting the cross and heart and smiling to himself. He felt her body against his and held her hair tight as he worked his arm between them, first reaching for the choker and template, but instead grabbing her breast roughly.

She looked panicked as she rapidly glanced from side to side and he growled at her, “No baby, no help coming.”

He pulled her face forward and kissed her roughly as he continued groping her almost violently, then he felt the sting as she bit his lip.

He pulled back and touched the blood on his lip as he held her hair, and looking up at her frantic face he saw a streak of darker hair around the light pink flower in her hair.

She looked side to side again as he said, “You shouldn’t have done that”. Then he slapped her across the face harshly. Forcefully, he pulled her close again and kissed her roughly tasting his blood as he smeared it on her lips.

She closed her eyes and worked her arms around him, then kissed him back. Her tongue found his mouth and worked around his lips, reveling in the sweet salty taste of his blood. He felt flushed as her tongue worked its way into his mouth and found his willing. She worked it hard and he felt as though this woman knew his needs better than he did. As their tongues fought a passionate battle her hands found him and he gasped slightly as electricity seemed to flow between them. He felt her pert breasts push into him as her tongue continued its relentless push in his mouth and somehow, he felt as though he was losing control.

She opened her eyes for only a moment to look from side to side once more, they were still alone. She felt his hardness and it made her even more fervent in her goals as her tongue plunged into his throat. She felt him squirm as the flush came over her, he was trying to pull away, but only a little as she felt him spasm in her hand, and as she kissed him deeply he seemed to whimper, then cry, then her orgasm came, almost surprising her as she convulsed with spasms against him.

She pulled away and stepped back as he stood uneasily. His grey hair shimmered in the starlight, the light from his eyes was gone and he looked down at his gnarled hands and felt the pain grasping at him. As he looked up at her he saw the brilliant red flower in her flowing red hair. Her skin was brilliant alabaster, and her lips like rose petals as she smiled at him. Her necklace no longer silver, but ruby, and silver, and more ruby sparkling in the starlight with a life of its own. Her perfect body was evident in the black camisole and she smiled briefly, then simply said, “thank you.”

He fell to his knees, crying, looking at his hands, lost in some Alzheimer’s induced nightmare that only he could see, and as she walked away in the darkness of the night she was happy, yet a tear escaped her eyes as once again she had taken, and someday, she would have to again.