Setting a course…(Originally posted on Facebook)

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A lone tear fell from her face. He had been everything and she thought the love they shared was complete and total. Their days had been full of adventure as they roamed the countryside looking for the next thrill. He had made her feel ways she had never felt, and as night fell each night they found themselves in each others arms, not with the callous passion she had experienced in the past, but the tender passion that made life feel like more than life. She knew she was in love but at some point in the night he had left, leaving her alone with just a letter:

-My love,

These last months with you have made me realize how important you are and how important we are to each other and to our future. I have a sword hanging over my head that I must resolve back home, once that is complete, I can truly be free but there is danger that I will not subject you to, danger that I am not sure I can survive, but I will, no matter what.

Know that I love you and I will be back to find you soon for your love is the light that makes the world complete, my world complete.
-Your love

She had read the letter and thrown it aside. She knew of the debt he owed, what he had run from, and knew facing it alone was foolish, she would be there for him, she had dressed with practiced ease and packed all she had then waited for the train, and as the train would pass she would jump on and find him, for as much as he wanted to make it right, she had to make it right. It was more than love, it was a connection she would not live without, and damned be anything that stood in her way.

As the lone tear fell and the train approached, she stole herself for a new adventure, an adventure that would set her course forever.