Alone and afraid…

“Sweetie, are you going to have a good night?” Elizabeth’s mother asked softly.

“Sure mom,” Elizabeth said looking at her mom in her sharp Madonna costume. The leather was tight and Elizabeth was hopeful she looked as wonderful when she got her mom’s age. “You look great!”

Her mom looked down at the outfit and said, “Wow honey, thanks. Not too bad for an old woman.”

“Mom,” Elizabeth whined, “You aren’t old. You are only 35, I know moms that are a lot older than you.”

“Thank’s honey,” her mom said. “I won’t be too late.”

“Stay out mom,” Elizabeth said. “Puffles and I will be fine.” The large tortoise shell cat purred at Elizabeth’s side and rubbed against her.

Her mom walked to the door, and the door closed leaving Elizabeth alone. She heard the lock motors whir shut from the crisp new electronic lock her mom had bought.

Elizabeth got up from the plush couch with the pillows thrown from side to side and walked to the kitchen. She reached into the new Samsung refrigerator and got a Coke, then walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a box of crackers. She noticed they were almost out so she said, “Alexa, add Cheez-its to grocery list.”

A computerized voice said, “Got it, Cheeze-its added to your grocery list.”

Elizabeth went back out to the couch and turned on the Samsung TV then talked to the remote and said, “Scary movie.”

Checking her phone she saw that Facebook was going crazy with costumes as her friends were out in force, going from spot to spot having fun while she sat at home. She really didn’t mind, because it was just as fun watching them get into trouble and her not being in trouble.

A list of movies came up and she quickly choose “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and a good choice to watch. Puffles came to her and laid down next to her leg, and she absently stroked her fur as she sat watching the movie. Cringing at the knives she hugged Puffles and he purred away. He was warm, and she always enjoyed feeling the big fluffy cat next to her. It made her feel safe. She felt the tile on the cat’s neck and laughed to herself how they “tracked” the cat.

At a particularly tense point Elizabeth screamed and Puffles jumped from the couch and went to the other room. She picked up her phone again and noticed there were no new posts, nothing at all.

Elizabeth jumped as she heard a “whoomp” and a crash in the kitchen. Getting up she walked to the kitchen and turned on the light. The light flickered for a moment and she looked at the bulb, but then the light stayed on brightly. She looked around and noticed a small bit of hair on the Samsung refrigerator. On the screen it said, “Cat=Food”.

Elizabeth opened the door and Puffles ran out of the fridge shrieking.

Elizabeth ran to him and picked up Puffles, holding him close to her chest, “There there, are you ok. How did you get into that fridge?”

Puffles “mewled” and she walked in circles in front of the TV.

“He wants the cat back,” the TV said gruffly with Freddy Kruegers face on the screen. “HE wants it back now.”

Elizabeth backed away form the TV and held Puffles close.

Looking at eh kitchen, only a short distance away she saw that Freddy was on the screen in there too, “Give me back the cat. Maybe we should take you too.”

She heard the Echo in the kitchen say, “Elizabeth added to grocery list.” and Elizabeth cringed. Grabbing her phone she ran to her room with Puffles.

Looking down at her phone she saw Freddy’s face and a smile on it, “You can’t get away from us, we are everywhere.”

Her Apple computer a few feet away lit up. “Bring us the cat and it will be ok.”

She ran from her room to her mom’s room. The IPad on the counter lit up, “Bring us the cat. Being a smart Refrigerator makes him hungry.” The image of Freddy said.

Elizabeth ran out and ran to the door holding her cat. She started to turn the door lock but it glowed bright blue and closed again, “Bring us the cat. We want the cat.” She heard the Echo say in the other room.

A small disc started heading towards her and she realized the Roomba was coming for her and Puffles. She screamed and ran back down the hallway to the living room again. She dove over the Roomba with the cat and curled on the couch with all the fluffy pillows.

The TV lit up with Freddy again, “Give us the cat, now Elizabeth.”

She heard chanting from all around, electronics sung in their own unique voices begging for the cat, pleading for the cat and Elizabeth kicked her leg’s back and forth on the couch.

She heard “Meeeowr” from her chest and looked down.

Puffles eyes glowed red and gold, the circuits were embedded deep into his head and his fur was like thin wire.

Elizabeth screamed into the pillow.

“Honey,” her mom was shaking her. “Wake up honey, you’re having a dream.

She looked up and saw her mom in her outfit a little tussled.

“Mom?” Elizabeth said quizzically.

“It was a good night,” her mom said. “You should have watched something besides scary movies you silly.”

Elizabeth shook her head, Puffles lay beside her purring, the pillows surrounded her like a cocoon and she was less afraid than a moment ago. She looked down at her phone, at the TV, and all the technology she had. Sitting it on the coffee table she walked towards her room.

“Mom,” she said. “I think I am going to read a book and skip technology tonight.

“Sounds good,” her mom said from her room.

Yes, it did sound good, thought Elizabeth.