The storm…

It was another day.

Today was like yesterday only different. She mused about multiple ideas as they crossed her brow easily. She was in control of her mind still, no one could take that away from her. She had considered how deftly the pain seemed to want to rip control from her, but she would not give in. The pain, after all, was part of her, she knew how to manage it, how to control it.

On the horizon she saw the storm begin to roll in, and with it she felt the migraine coming on. They were usually not synchronized, but they were close from time to time. She was fascinated with the clouds as they picked up speed and seemed to barrel forward. So too did the pain in her head, the piercing needles attacking her skull with more and more determination.

She considered taking another pill. She knew she had to at the right time to get ahead of the pain if she could. The doctors had fumbled for years, and she had tried so hard to tell them where it hurt, how it hurt, but they were not as helpful as they could have been. Many of them handed her prescriptions and passed her forward like some uncanny assembly line that would never stop, but she pressed, was determined, and continued to make it work and make it right. After all, she had responsibilities. She knew she was the center of her universe, but did not want to be the center of every else’s universe. Finally some began to understand, her situation no longer assembly line, but unique.

The thunder roared and she felt a wave of pain come over her. She was at once aware of the intensities pounding down upon her and knew she had to get control lest the pain win. She could not, would not let the pain win. She closed her eyes tightly as wave after wave of heat imbued needles pierced her nerves. One after another they crashed into her and one after another she felt the searing agony that only a few could understand. Tears began to form in her eyes but she would not yield, she relaxed and let the medicines help her along. The wind and lightning and thunder crashed and it almost felt as though the two were melding, her pain a result of the storm, or was the storm a result of her pain?

Then a pause. Both the storm and her pain were moving away. There was peace between pulses of pain. She held the peace at each pause and the control came to her. Instead of tensing and fighting, she became a part of it helping the pain along, helping it to move away. It was not so overwhelming and outside she heard the winds slow, and a trickle of rain fail gently rapping on the roof and the walkways. A deep breath later she knew the worst was gone, and the rain and the mist and her tension all faded away.

She won again, and would win every time, not because of the drugs or the things the doctors did, but because of who she was, she would always win. Satisfied, she closed her eyes, felt the waves of something different wash across her and soon, with sudden speed and infinite peace falling upon her, was asleep.