About ShortStorySite.Com

A long time ago in a galaxy…oops, wrong site.

I have been online a while. Really I have been online since before most people knew there was online. Wander the world in a 180 baud modem (yes, that is really really slow) readying a sheet fed printer (no, not a screen) and spending my days learning, reading and interacting. I found I had a knack for writing here and eventually created a variety of sites or worked with people in forums, bbs’s (Not many around anymore) and talked and wrote about everything from religion to life.

In 2002 I found this little place called Journalspace that has since gone dark like so many, and held a short story contest. Some people made up wonderful stories, some pulled from the net, and others just read. This site was created for that purpose, then it too went dark, only to now be revived with a vision and a hope I can write again, as my passion cannot be contained…

Realistically this site is for anyone (well, my choice here a bit) who wants to write, and I will happily open it to those who want a place to express themselves, all it takes is a sign up, and a real email and real person at the other end.

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